Model Citizens

It dawned on me that maybe I wasn’t alone in having quite a wide range of hobbies (and little time in which to enjoy them) after a few visits to ‘Cars on the Campusand on chatting to some fellow members.
I’ve always enjoyed building and fixing things – something that has stood me in good stead for Triumph & MG ownership, and that enjoyment hasn’t left me as I’ve entered adulthood; quite recently. No really !

As a member recently told me, “You can bet that more often than not, someone who potters with Classic Cars also dabbles in the area of modelling”. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean the ‘clotheshorse’ type….

I’ve certainly got that particular bug. Especially if it involves building or displaying a car or truck or even bus that I have a fancy for. Particularly if said vehicle is out of reach financially….

My current ‘model’ is desirable, gorgeous, curvy, sleek, fast & classic.
I’ve lusted after her as long as I can remember and the way values are heading, I daresay this might be as close as I get for many a long year. It is of course the Series 1 E-Type Jaguar and the DeAgostini model thereof.

I know we’re blessed with owners of the real thing at the club, but, nice people though they are, they are unlikely to leave them in my garage to I can stare at them at my leisure, so a 1:8 scale version it is!

I won’t bore you further at the moment with my vices but if there is interest in this area from members, we can certainly re-visit.
Lastly, I think it’s only right to recognise our very own General George and his contribution to the state of my marriage. The last time Eileen had a go at me for my hobbies, I was able to point at The General and his ‘Man Cave’ whilst saying ‘At least I’m not that bad!’

Cheers George 😉

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