MOT Changes – 20th May 2018

Changes to the law regarding MOT tests come into effect on the 20th of May 2018 (tomorrow at time of writing!)

You’ve probably been aware of this for quite some time as it’s been all over the press, but with the change imminent, we thought it was worth recapping and pointing out a potential pitfall that some drivers may unwittingly slip into.

There are many classic car tours promoted around this time of year which involve taking the ferry across the water to Northern Ireland but due to the Province not currently having a sitting Assembly, they have been unable to ratify this change in the law, so the existing system is still in place.

What does this mean for you?

In all honesty it’s unclear at the moment but strictly speaking your car would still require valid MOT to drive in NI and technically your insurance could be invalidated as ‘Driving without a valid MOT’ when in the Province.

Our advice would be to contact your tour operator in the first instance and definitely get in touch with your insurance company!

It might be easier just to get your pride and joy MOT’d in the first place before heading out.
Let us know your thoughts – The link to the Government WebSite is below:


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