Holiday Snaps – The ACCC way!

It’s that time of year when we’re coming to the end of the show season and start missing the sunshine, so with those thoughts in mind, we thought we’d share some photographs that Club Secretary Ronnie Johnston, Fundraiser Extraordinaire ‘General’ George Frame and friend of the club Alan Steele sent us of their summer holidays.

It’s not pool pictures – they are all car guys, so they managed to make their ways to motoring and aircraft museums and were good enough to share the memories which you can find in the gallery at the foot of this page.

Ronnie jetted off to Canada and managed to find the Henry Ford Museum which contained gems like the first Corvette, Coffin Nose Cord, the car that almost ruined Ford – the Edsel, The Bugatti Royale (only six were made and they all survive!) and the car JFK was shot in.

George and Margaret travelled down south to see the Cosford Royal Air Force Flight Museum where they took some photographs of the exhibits they thought our members might enjoy and sent them to us in video format for your viewing pleasure.

Alan went to soak up the sun in Malta and as you would expect there are various British Classics in the former colony which have survived in the favourable climate!
Many of these were on display in the Malta Classic Car Museum and we than Alan for sending the images to us to share with you all.

Do enjoy and if you have come across some interesting classics whilst on holiday, let us know!

Member Holidays Snaps

Some member & friend photographs taken on holidays during 2018 and shared for your viewing pleasure!

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