Lotus Cars 70th Celebration

ACCC Members Reg Donald and Bill Brown travelled to Lotus Cars 70th Celebration on the 29th of September which was held at Hethel Lotus headquarter’s near Norwich.
Here’s what they made of it !

1500 Lotus Cars, 3000 people and 1 cake!

We Took the Lotus Europa TC down to the Lotus factory on a trailer which took about 10 hours.
On the Saturday morning we had to be in position at the factory at around 09:00.

There were going to be 1500 cars there, and also a display of one of every model ever made by Lotus Cars.

The events during the day were fantastic, they had a collection of Classic Formula 1 racing cars, Jim Clark GP car, Graham Hill GP car, Mario Andretti GP car, Ayrton Senna GP car and a few more.
Then each racing car drove a few laps round the circuit – A once in a lifetime event for us to see.

A parade of one each of all the cars that Lotus have made took to the circuit.
We walked round the Factory and viewed the production line for the Evora and Elise.
Just after 15:00 we then took part in a Guinness World Record attempt.

They were trying for 1000 cars on the same circuit on the same lap at the same time. Not sure if we made it as it has to be verified I think.
We had a great day. It was something really different from a normal Classic Car show

A lot of modern cars there from many countries in Europe and we only saw a handful of Lotus Europa’s.

It was indeed 1500 Lotus Cars, 3000 People and 1 Cake.

Reg & Bill

Lotus Cars 70th Anniversary (2018)

Reg & Bill @ Lotus Cars 70th Anniversary - 1500 cars, 3000 people and 1 cake !

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