October News

I have booked the next ‘sit down’ event and that is the New Year Dinner. 
We have the Savoy Park in Ayr  for the night of Friday 11th Jan 18. They are an increasingly popular place for weddings and believe it or not, that was the only Friday available where we could also stay over.
Room rates are £70 for a double and £55 for a single and they are accepting our bookings as of now – just mention the Club for these rates.

I anticipate the cost of the meal will be of the order of £25 per head and that will be for 3 courses, a welcome drink, wine of soft drinks throughout the meal and coffee and liqueur.
You can book directly by emailing me by clicking ‘HERE’

Those who have been before will know the format; it remains the same on the principle ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’. But for those that haven’t, we dress smartly to compliment the girls who always shine at these events and foregather in the hotel at 1900 for pre-dinner fizz or softee before going into dinner at 1930.
The tables will each seat 8 folks and we have no seating plan. Once seated, you will be asked to choose your meal options and wine will be be served with the food. Your job will be to enjoy the food and the company!

Keith has been doing a sterling job managing Club Regalia and he will organised the purchase of some sturdy ‘golf windproof’ umbrellas in red and white and sporting the Club logo as shown below.

Good Golly Keith’s Brolly !

Now these things are quite expensive as the printer has to get the artwork set up and so forth. So before we go nap so to speak we really need to know what the demand will be. They will cost (with Club subsidy) no more than £25 pounds each and the more that we can sell, the less will be the unit cost. So, if you would like one or two or more (it is coming up to Christmas) then please let Keith know on mail@keithshome.co.uk and we can get it sorted. Please note that if you book one then you will need to buy it, but we will re- visit the price once we know the demand.
You will of course know that Keith is the man to contact for any other Club regalia that you would like.

And now a bit of homespun philosophy from me; have you often wondered whether you should use that expensive oil specified by the maker of your daily driver, or whether a cheaper stuff would do? A squint at https://www.autocar.co.uk/best-engine-oil should help answer the question, and I quote:

Does brand matter?’

As long as the grade and ACEA specification is correct, you should be fine. However, David Wright of the United Kingdom Lubricant Association recommends choosing reputable manufacturers. Some firms will blend more advanced, expensive oils that exceed the specifications on the packaging.

‘What about cheaper brands?’

Again, as long as the grade and ACEA specifications are correct, then everything should be okay. But oils from some newer, less reputable brands on the market have been found not to meet the claimed specifications. The UKLA’s VLS service investigates complaints and tests products to see if they’re compliant and has an archive of its findings on its website – http://www.ukla-vls.org.uk.

And if that is not enough you might look at https://www.blackstone-labs.com/Newsletters/Gas- Diesel/July-1-2017.php which is © Copyright Blackstone Laboratories, Inc. 2017 and spells out some US analysis which supports the Autocar comment. Clearly all is not sweetness and light and one should tread carefully.

The picture for classic oils is slightly different as you know, mainly because many of our cars were bred to run on non-synthetic oil with high zinc content, but I covered that discussion some time ago.

Its amazing what one can find on the internet. Now then, what was it about a new Bentley for the price of a packet of cigarettes, or was that just a dream?


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