For Sale – 1963 Ford Zodiac Estate 2.5

“BARN FIND” 1963 Ford Zodiac ABBOTT Estate

The cylinder head gasket had gone, so it was driven into and left in the garage in 1989.

Unfortunately, the owner died a few years ago, before he could recommission the vehicle.

It will require a full restoration and reversion from its light customised state, however the seats and door cards might be in good condition underneath the dralon covers.

The current owner wishes to retain the cherished registration number of: “WAG 88”  

The number belonged to the deceased owner’s father and his son has the same initials, hence the value (not monetary) of the number to the family.  We believe the car was bought new by the family.

The registration document for the vehicle will not be transferred to the purchaser until it has been MOT’d by them and the registration put on retention certificate in the name of the seller.

Offers around  £995 are invited although if a quick restoration, MOT and transfer of the cherished plate could be guaranteed within a specified time limit, the seller might possibly be willing to see the car go Free to a good home!

If you are interested, please contact John Malcolm on 01292 500094 or

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