Winterizing your Pride and Joy.

Autumn is here and it is time to protect your investment with the following:

*Use the correct engine oil for winter conditions: read the owners’ manual for specific guidance.

*The cooling system hoses should be checked for brittleness and be replaced accordingly.

*Engines should be allowed to warm up. Engine oil can then heat up,thin out and work more effectively.

*Check the battery: cold weather reduces its cranking power.

*Consider winter tyres.

*Good visibility is crucial: check wipers and lights.The wind shield washer fluid reservoir should be topped up as necessary.

*Review your tyre pressures : correctly inflated tyres ensure good grip with the road.

*Invest in an emergency car kit : flash light; first-aid kit; portable jump starter; tool kit; warm clothes; bag of grit for extra traction when a tyre is stuck; washer fluid; snacks and water; snow shovel etc.

Time and effort spend now will save money and grief later.

Happy winter motoring.

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