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There is something of a style statement about your choice of chariot, whether it’s a gentrified Bentley, a suave E-Type Jaguar, a hairy chested American muscle car or a classically practical Morris Minor Traveller

There’s generally a clothing style that is associated with each well as was excellently presented by Alan Moore of Ten Thirty last year for us.

I recently discovered a new independent brand based in Wales which aligns itself with another style of Retro (& Modern) car that I’ve always loved and have finally ‘bought in to’ – Performance & Hot Hatch.

In my case, that takes me back to 1993 when I first passed my test and the car I wanted, nearly bought in 1995 and have hankered after ever since; The Toyota MR2 Mk2.  Being a car geek I’d even narrowed that down to a ‘Rev 2’ (Revision – there were 5 variants of the Mk2).  The Rev 5 is apparently the one you are ‘meant to like’ but I’ve always been a bit contrary….

It’s not quite ‘Fast & Furious’, more ‘Pretty Quick & Mildly Annoyed’ but it’s a very stylish, classic 90’s affordable Japanese sportscar and was part of a genre of cars that inspired drivers and admirers to develop their own looks and lifestyle.  Doesn’t every generation do this?

Having taken good note of the advice Orest gave us at the turn of the year, I finally managed to track down the car I was looking for and it just so happened that it belonged to a couple of cracking guys who love the scene, its cars, the modifying and the style so much that they set up their own company – E11evens (I’m pretty sure you can guess the inspiration behind it.  ‘Laying down a couple of parallel rubber lines’ has been around much longer than the ‘Max Power’ scene 😉 )

They not only produce their own clothing range but also do work on cars, vinyl wrapping and they take a mean photograph into the bargain (There is a link to their photoshoot of the car below this article).
I’m proudly wearing their gear and thought I’d share it with the members in case anyone is interested – It comes recommended.

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The car?
It’s a peach isn’t it?

It is indeed a 1993 Toyota MR2 Mk2 Rev2 (Jap Import) – Exactly what I wanted and even in the colour I wanted too.  I did say I rarely choose the norm!
That takes the number of MR2’s in the club to six (over all three Mk’s) as far as I know!

As part of the negotiations with my better half, I’ll be letting go of a couple of the fleet later in the year so watch this space.

I’m very much looking forward to some spare time to get it out for a good run and begin the fettling process.  In the meantime I’ll just stare and smile.
I’m sure you’ll see it soon 🙂

I await the ‘But the Mk1 is better’ comments from Simon 😉

All the best,


Toyota MR2 Mk2 Rev2 - E11evens Photoshoot

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