Government under fire over MOT advice

Classic Car Owners offered copy of Department for Transport’s letter due to fears of being stopped by the Police.

Owners of historic vehicles eligible for MoT exemption are being encouraged to carry a copy of a letter from the Department for Transport with them in case they’re stopped by police unaware of last year’s rule change for older classics.
The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs has issued the advice after it emerged that police are stopping some owners of classics more than 40 years old for appearing not to have valid MoT’s, which it fears is due to records on these vehicles not making the exemptions clear.

FBHVC Communications director said: “When the exemption was announced the Federation predicted that this would happen and we were assured it would not as the police were fully aware of the position”

The Federation is making a copy of a letter that it’s received from the DfT available because it believes that owners of MoT exempt classics are at risk of having their cars’ status misinterpreted by police and other agencies who believe that the vehicles have lapsed MoT’s – and are instead breaking the law.

The FBHVC contacted the DfT for advice and was issued with a statement that it urges all classic car owners to print out and carry when driving, passing it, if necessary, to the police should they be stopped.

This document clarifies the cut-off date for MoT exemptions and the process needed to take a historic vehicle out of roadworthiness testing: copies will be made available through the FBHVC‘s next newsletter and we have made it available for download on our site by clicking ‘HERE’

ACCC Members seem to fall into both camps, with some opting to continue to have eligible vehicles tested annually and others taking advantage of the new rulings. We thought with that considered, this article and the information within would be well worth sharing.

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