Book 2 to 20 Vehicles – Cars on the Campus 2019

Welcome to our Multi-Vehicle Booking Page for CotC 2019

Book your place at the friendliest and most inclusive show in the West – it’s Cars on the Campus 2019

Please ensure you provide all requested details to ensure your booking is processed accurately and promptly.
The cost to attend this year is £5 per vehicle as always, but this year we will be operating via ‘Pay at the Gate’ instead of online payments.

This page is for the use of Clubs who are booking between 2 & 20 cars (More vehicles than this will have to be processed in multiple sessions)
If you are an ACCC Member and wish to book a single vehicle, please click ‘HERE’
If you are not an ACCC Member and wish to book a single vehicle, please click ‘HERE’

As a Club entry, we will place all your entries together in a ‘Club’ area.
Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible to allow us to allocate your Club sufficient space and ensure your displays are properly highlighted and reported on the day and in the programme.

Failure to provide the correct information may result in your omission from the official programme and being refused entry on the day.
Joining instructions will be sent prior to the event once all entries are processed.

Many Thanks –  We look forward to welcoming you on the day!

Please click ‘SUBMIT’ when you have entered all the details for your entries.